Silkwood Wood Protection Products

The Silkwood® Range of decorative wood coating products/sealers

The Silkwood Range comprises of the following:

A slow drying water-repellant basecoat /shop coat recommended as a first coat for industrial applications where the wooden surface has to have a treatment prior to leaving the factory.

Colours :Clear, Mer Red.
Availability :1Lt., 5Lt., 200Lt.
Application Method :Brush,Roller or Spray

An upgraded version of the M1 type that has extended durability.

Colours :Clear, Golden Brown
Availability :5Lt., 200Lt.
Application Method :Brush, Roller or Spray

A universal maintenance / DIY water-repellant wood sealer/wood treatment that dries to a semi matt finish.

Colours :Clear, Mer Red, Neutral, Teak,
Mahogany, Golden Brown,
Spec Brown 1.3 and Ebony.
Availability :1Lt., 5Lt., 200Lt.
Application Method :Brush, Roller or Spray.

A general-purpose wood vanish.

Colours :Clear, Brown, Yellow.
Availability :1Lt, 5Lt., 200Lt.
Application Method :Brush or Spray.

A urethane based wood sealer/wood treatment that dries to a hard finish.

Colours :Clear., Yellow
Availability :1Lt., 5Lt.
Application Method :Brush or Spray

A range of pigmented wood stain, aqueous and solvent-borne used in industrial applications.

Colours :Mahogany, Brown, Kiaat, Spec Brown1.3
Availability :200Lt.
Application method :Dip-Applied,Brush or Spray

A wood sealer/wood treatment designed for external timber decks.

Colours :Clear., Mahogany., Brown.,
Spec Brown 1.3., Ebony.
Availability: :1Lt.,5Lt.
Application Method :Brush,Roller or Spray

A flexible joint sealer used for internal /external sealing of log cabins.

Colours :Cream.
Availability :25Lt.
Application Method :Trowel

An air-drying urethane floor coating.

Colours :Clear., Golden Brown.
Availability :5Lt.
Application Method :Brush,Roller or Spray

An internal /external finish designed as a wipe-on product used to enhance a previously coated wooden surface.

Colours :Clear., Golden Brown.
Pack size :250ml.
Application Method :Cloth

A two pack urethane floor coating that uses mineral spirits as a carrier.

Colours :Clear., Brown.
Finish :Gloss - Matt
Pack size :5Lt.
Application Method :Brush or Spray

A wax based wipe-on product designed to improve the gloss on internal wooden furnishings.

Colour : Clear
Finish : Matt
Pack Size : 250ml
Application Method : Wipe-On