Wooden Surfaces Treated with Silkwood Wood Products

The Silkwood® Range of decorative wood coating products/sealers

Photos of Products Finished with Silkwood ® Range

Silkwood manufactures a range of decking sealant products Wooden Deck Sealants

Excellent Water resistance for use by pool-side
Excellent Water Resistance for Wood

Excellent water resistance and UV Blockers Prolong Outdoor Wood Life
Outdoor Wooden Deck Treatment Range

Indoor Range of Wood Sealants
Indoor Wood Treatment Range for Every Application

Highly Resistant Coatings Available for Hard Working Wood Surfaces
Silkwood® for Hard Working Wood Surfaces

Finish Your Wood Thatching Poles off Elegantly With Silkwood
Bring the Wood Lustre out in your Thatching Poles

Bring The Beauty Out in Your Timber